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Upload your own photo frame on the site in a few minutes

In Internet you can easily find thousands of free templates for a beautiful photo montage, but so far only professional designers were able to add them your own photos. Time for a change ... Now anyone can easily download a template, easily to add to our online photo editor, and just as easy to make photo montage with this template, using our site.

Please note, you can now add a frame with a very large size (maximum quality), paste your photos and save them without our logo for free. You will not be limited by the frames that exist in our photo editor and you can create the most new and unique photo effects.

You need only 5-10 minutes of your time to add a new frame (7 minutes - to find and download a nice frame in the Internet, 3 minutes - to add to our site). So:

  1. Find the sites at which you can download for free a nice photo frames using search phrases (eg "download frame png", "download wedding templates png", etc.).
  2. Load your frame in our photo editor using the buttons at the bottom, points us to a transparent place on the frame where you can insert your photo (in this place you should see our background - blue and white squares), add your pictures, text, and save.

There are limitations for adding photo frames. You can only add a frame in PNG format!!! and they must have a transparent area for your photo. Pay attention on the format before you download photo frames. PSD format is not supported. Frame size is limited only by the capabilities of your Flash player and computer.